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GST Export, Import & Refund Course

This Course is aimed to provide the clarity on GST Provision on Export, Import, SEZ and Refund. the Place of Supply in GST is the main determinaion factor for Export / Import transaction which will be covered in detail. Further various intelinking provision regarding the Registration, ITC, EWay Bill is also important and covered in this course. 

Main agenda of this Course - 

  1. Important Definition of Export / Import of Goods/ Services
  2. Concept of Deemed Export, merchant Export. 
  3. Place of Supply in GST
  4. SEZ Treatment, 
  5. GST Registration, EWay Bill
  6. Remission of Duties and Taxes on Export Products (RoDTEP).
  7. GST Refund Provision for various categories like Export/ SEZ/ Deemed Export etc





  • Duration    : 10 hours (One Hour each)
  • Language  : English
  • Faculty       : CA Arun Chhajer
  • Validity of the Course :90 Days
  • E-Notes will be shared in PDF for reference
  • Q&A After each live session